Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Living with MS

My DH is LIVING with MS. He had been on injections every other day and they stopped working. A year ago this March he became unable to walk. They tried steroids to build up his strength but that did not work like it had in the past. The doctor finally decided to place him on infusions, Tysabri. These infusions had been taken off the market several years ago because people were dieing with a brain disease. They have now put it back on the market and they are monitoring them closely. He has to go once a month for this two hour infusion.
From March 2008 until August 2008, DH could not get out of the house without being carried out to go to the doctor. A friend called a local church about building us a ramp and one Saturday the team came and built us this wonderful ramp along the edge of our deck out onto the patio. DH was also given a scooter and a whole new world opened for both of us.
The pictures of the garden are a labor of love for him. He went out and got down off the scooter on his hands and knees and pulled weeds from the raised bed where the squash and zucchini are. I did not know until after the f
act that he had rode his scooter out to the shed and got out the big tiller. He was dragging it behind his scooter when a neighbor saw him. The neighbor came and offered to help and DH let him plow that bed. I called the garden center to see if they had the plants he wanted and they did. I told them that DH could not get out of the car when he got there and could someone help him. They said sure and he got the plants and came back home and got down on his hands and knees and planted them. I am so proud of him!


  1. We are all proud of you dad. Your "never give up" attitude is an inspiration.

  2. Wow! I'm sorry to hear he's having such a hard time. At least he hasn't given up and is finding a way to do things he likes. He is an inspiration.