Monday, October 11, 2010


I have been busy knitting prayers shawls for our church ministry. Before I started knitting them, I did not realize all the prayers and love that go into each shawl. Prayers are begun when the yarn is purchased and then as you start to knit and as you knit. We make the shawls and they are given to the person without them knowing who made it and the person making them does not know who receives them. An internet friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery. Before she started chemo, the prayer ministry mailed her one. She said she cried when she got it in the mail and took it to her chemo treatment. They nurses remarked about it and she told about it being mailed from a prayer ministry in North Carolina.
I am not showing pictures of the shawls but the above picture is a pair of wrist warmers or fingerless gloves that I knitted for our daughter-in-law. I did not do a thumb and have done these for her to see if they fit. She is tiny and I tried to make the pattern smaller. You can find the pattern on line here.