Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just the Two of Us Again

Well, my day started yesterday, Saturday, at 6am. We had a busy last day with the son and daughter-in-law. Jon's boyhood friend came back home with him from their meeting to plan their 20th class reunion. We had so much fun talking about how it was when the boys were growing up and our house was the place to be. It was so much fun being with the boys then and now as men, married. We had our cookout with a friend and neighbor as planned and then my DH went with the kids to see a movie while I stayed at home to rest. I didn't have time to sleep because the phone kept ringing. We all planned to go to bed early because we had to be up at 4am to get the kids to the airport 60 miles away because their plane was leaving at 7am. Well, I could not sleep and was awake at 3:27am, I know because I looked at the clock. Ha! Then, I went to sleep and my DH had to wake me up. It was so cool and pleasant when we left at 5am. We saw beautiful deer by the side of the road going and coming from the airport--thank goodness they did not cross the highway in front of us. Now, you have to leave your loved ones at the curb and can't go in to see them leave. We were back home before their plane left Raleigh. I love the computer! I came home and followed them back home by checking the flight status. This airlines even had a map that showed where the plane was at all times on it's path home. I looked at one point, it was flying over Tulsa, OK where our daughter and her family lives. They are back home safe in CA and we are alone again. Now, we look forward to a visit from our daughter and family in November.


  1. Linh and I really enjoyed our visit. The only thing we won't miss is the heat. :)

    Wish we could be there in November when Tina's family arrives. It would be good to have the entire family together again.

    Love you guys,

    Jonathan and Linh

  2. Visits like that are often bittersweet because when the kids come, you know they're also going to eventually be leaving again. Glad you had a good visit. Good luck on your blog. Is that your home in the photo? It's beautiful!....Kady