Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring view at Melville Hill

Hope you enjoyed a look at some of our Spring views. I wish the beds were cleaned out but it is difficult for my husband with his MS to stay on top of every thing. In the bottom picture, he did get out on his scooter this morning and pulled up some weeds but as you can see, he gave out before he could get them up.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I WON!!!!!!!

The past two weeks have been a nightmare with my computer. This wonderful machine was bought the day after Christmas and has been giving problems off and on ever since. The other day, my DH finally had it up and running and I went to visit my blog. Much to my surprise, there was a comment from Faye at Behind My Picket Fence. Mr. Picket Fence had chosen #9 to win a pretty spring pillow. Wow! I was the lucky one. I love pillows on the bed so I placed my new pillow there--it is the one with tulips with the word tulips on it. If you have not visited Faye's blog, you have missed a treat. Go to my sidebar on the left and click on her blog. She is one talented lady with lots of talented friends. She has the most wonderful way with words. I can imagine it would be a hoot to meet her in person. Tell her that I sent you.

Thanks again for my wonderful gift!

Love you,


PS: Since I had found out that I won the pillow, we have made a complete restore on my computer twice. I just hope it will work this time!