Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Memory of my internet friend............

Kathi, Christmas 2010

I wanted to share my memories of my great internet
friend, Kathi. We met via the computer in 1998.
Our son had talked us into buying his computer so that
he could upgrade his. I was still in a great
deal of pain from major back surgeries, but my son fixed
my chair with pillows so that I would be comfortable.
It was not long after getting on the internet that I made some
great friends, Kathi, Carol, Pat, etc. There was
Geocities and they offered free websites with a person
to guide you on making your pages. Kathi was also
creating her pages and she was neat with hers--
she had a great gift of words. No matter if you were
emailing, doing Aim, etc., she ran circles around me.
We became close friends, but never met in
person. We shared our life experiences together.

I wanted to do this memorial to her at Christmas because
this was her favorite time of the year. Kathi decorated her
house inside and out and it was beautiful. She loved
shopping, buying, wrapping gifts for the two important
men in her life, her husband Jerry and her son Steve.
We miss you Kathi, but you fought a rough battle
always with a smile and that wonderful laugh of yours.
Thanks for the memories!
Love always,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Some Finishes...........

I saw the pattern for the hat and really liked it. It is a free pattern and you can find it here. The hat is knitted in the round and once you get the pattern in your mind, it is easy. I then made a scarf to go with it and it is not knit in the round so I had to turn the rows and at first I found it easier to write down what I needed to do. After doing a few patterns, I was able to move on fast. I did knit two sections of 30 inches and then used the Kitchener or grafting stitch to join the two pieces.

I found the pattern for this crochet snowman here.

It is a gift card cozy, but I made it as a fridge magnet. I did candlewick knots for the nose, mouth, and buttons. I had some some pom poms in different colors. Thank goodness there was orange in the group. I pull it apart and took a little white glue and rolled it in my fingers to form it into a nose. After it dried, I hot glued it on the face. I had some flat magnet sheets and I cut a piece to glue on the head and body.