Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Decorating for Fall

This is a cross stitch pillow that I made. I have patterns for one for each month.
Out kitchen table decorated with a Hallmark pumpkin that I had bought when the kids were little. It is still holding together enough to still use it. The other little pumkins and decorations were gifts from friend.

These jack-o-laterns are made from some gourds that we grew a few years ago. I placed them in my grandmother's dough board.
This is one of the boxes that I am fixing to go on the front porch rails. I still have some more arranging to do when I get them placed out front. I love the pumkins and they were a find at Dollar General last year. We have a new Dollar General near by and I hope to get there to see what they have neat for this year.

A fellow blogger, Faye, Behind My Picket Fence, had some of the wooden box Jack-o-lanterns
for sale last year. I loved them and asked her if she would mind if I made some and she gave me permission because she said the postage would have been expensive. We went to a friend's house that has a work shop and they had the wood stacked up. We had a great morning of cutting, painting, eating, and fellowship. We didn't make them to sale but just for us to enjoy. Thank you, Faye!
I wish everyone a great Fall!