Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Joy to a Knitter's heart....

What a wonderful surprise!  My husband went to the mailbox this morning and a beautifully wrapped gift had been left for us.  To my surprise, was these figures with knitted accessories.  I love, love, love them!  These are things that I have been knitting for gifts for Christmas.  I know the time that it takes to make them for people and I cannot imagine knitting these TINY scarf, hat, and mittens.  They are done perfectly and they must have been really fiddly to make.  Thank you to our friends for making our day--My Day. My husband watches me knitting and he also has an appreciation for the time and work that went into making them.  I love surprises!!!!!!!!!!!
Love to all from,

Friday, December 6, 2013

I'm Back...............

  I have been away from the blog for a long while.  I fell in July and it took a while to get over that.  I found out during that time, that I am pre-diabetic  and have to have more blood work done around the first of the New Year.  We will know more about what is going on then.  I sure hope the food during the holidays does not mess me up.  Our son and his family were here from San Francisco for Thanksgiving and I am afraid that I was not as careful as I had been.  We will be alone for Christmas and there will be none of those sweets to tempt me.  I have also been very busy knitting and crocheting during these months that I didn't post.  I will share below some of what has been on my needles.  Also, I found that there are knitter's video pod casts and I have really been enjoying those.  I wish that I could knit, spin, and use that beautiful expensive yarn they use. I just goggled for knitter's video pod cast and came up with some great ones.

This lace shawl was done for our granddaughter.  She is going to be in a wedding the last of December and she can wrap this around her shoulders before and after the wedding.  It is Little Shells Shawlette from Holly and Ella Knits.  I found it as a free pattern on-line a while ago. 

A knitted baby blanket for baby born in Scotland.  I also did more blankets and hats that our son wanted for their friends who are expecting in the early New Year.  I forgot to get pictures of those and they are now in SF.

Some knitted hats for friends and family on top.  The ones on the bottom were done for our son, his wife, and little boy.  I used a free pattern from Tin Can Knits.  I also did a scarf to match for our son and a cowl fro our daughter-in-law.  It was very cold while they were here for Thanksgiving.

This is another cowl that I knitted for our daughter-in-law.  It was a free pattern that I found on the internet and the thread is Red Heart Boutique Midnight, color Aura.  It is much prettier than in the picture--the colors are so pretty and there is a lot of sparkle in the yarn.

This is a crochet shrug that our daughter-in-law wanted. The pattern is in the current Crochet Today magazine.  When I took the pictures, I had not worked in the threads because I was waiting on her to come and try it on.  It fit her fine--I was not sure because she is so tiny and I was afraid it would be too big.  

A Santa scarf that I knitted for a friend's granddaughter.

Christmas socks knitted for a friend.  They are knitted top-down and I used Heart and Sole sock yarn from Red Heart Yarns.

Here is wishing you a wonderful holiday season and that you have a great New Year.