Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grandmother's Box

Years ago, I started a box known as "Grandmother's Box". I have knitted blankets, sweaters, hats, and booties. I made the quilt on the left and bought the one on the right at a church auction. I have included receiving blankets that I have crocheted an edge around. It is all ready for the next baby.

When our son and daughter-in-law were home the first week in June, they took me to AC Moore and I bought this thread for a blanket. Thread is Bernat, Softee Baby Yarn, and the color is Baby, Baby. Below is the pattern I used.
I used size G Needle. The pattern called to Ch 106 loosely, but I chained to get the width I wanted.
ROW 1 (right side): Dc in fourth ch from hook (counts as first dc) *skip next 2 chs, dc in next ch, 3 dc in next ch, dc in next ch, skip next 2 chs, dc in next 2 chs: repeat from * across to last 3 chs, skip next 2 chs, 3 dc in last ch.

ROW 2: Ch3 (counts as first dc, now and througho
ut), turn; dc in sp before next dc, *skip next 3 dc, 5 dc in sp before next dc; skip next 3 dc, dc in sp before next dc,
skip next dc, dc in sp before next dc; repeat from * across to last 4 dc, skip next 3 dc, 3 dc in sp before last dc, leave last dc unworked.

Repeat Row 2 until length you want.


  1. What a good idea! And such beautiful work you have done! I have never been able to knit, but I used to crochet some, so I think I will try my hand at the pattern you have shared. Thanks so much!

  2. How wonderful! I am trying to help my 12 year old daughter start a hope chest...but we are epic failures at crocheting! I can help her piece a quilt a little bit, though!
    Thanks for your pretty pictures!