Monday, January 27, 2020

Back to say "hello"....

  It seems every time I post, that it has been such a long time and it has been.  A whole lot has gone on in our little corner of the world since the last time I posted.  
  My husband continues to have issues with his health.  Besides his MS, he now has a blood condition and is on chemotherapy pills for that.  These pills are very expensive and we have had a foundation that paid some on them but will not be continuing doing that.   We don't know what that is going to mean for him.  I am still on oxygen 24/7 and that will be continuing.  Our son-in-law has a scan done this week to see where his Mantle Cell Lymphoma stands.  It seems there is a lot of sickness all around us with friends and family.  We are trying to get up and make the best of each day.  My knitting, crocheting, and reading books helps.  I thought I would share some of those projects with you.

  This is a crocheted granny square pattern and I used Hobbii Tivoli Yarn that I purchased from Denmark.  It is such pretty yarn and easy to work with. It took 3 skeins. My husband wanted me to make it for the nurse at the cancer center.  He took it to her today and she was so excited and said that it made her day.  That really made me happy.  We always like to no that our work is appreciated. 

  This is another crocheted granny square baby blanket.  This is done with Knit Pick's Filici, in the Dove Heather and Cotton Candy colorway.  This was also a gift. Our son and his wife in California wanted it for a friend.  

  These socks were knitted for my husband.  The pattern is Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes.  I used Knit Pick's Filici in the steamer trunk colorway.

  These socks are for me. They are knitted using Knit Pick's Filici in the Jamboreo colorway. The pattern is Solar by Gill Slater.  Most of these patterns can be found on Ravelry. 

This is Canaletto Cowl by Megan Goodacre.  This pattern is on Ravelry.  I used Red Heart Soft yarn to knit this.  I made it for a Christmas gift.

  This is Toddler Hooded Cowl by Bethany Dearden. I did the cowl part different--I crocheted rows of hdc to make the band which is the cowl part.

  This is Serpentine Hat and Cowl by Premier Yarns Design Team.  I did not do the cowl.  I did this hat to be sold at our church festival to make money for missions.  I used Premier Yarns colorway Appalachic.  The pompom is made by wrapping yarn around two toilet paper rolls held side by side.

  I hope you enjoyed viewing what I have been knitting and crocheting.  I have also enjoy books.  I am so blessed that I can pick out books on line and the library brings them to me and picks them up when finished. Being able to order books, yarn, and groceries on line is such a wonderful blessing.

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  1. Hi Marie. It is always such a blessing to hear from you! I enjoyed seeing your projects. My husband and I have been sick since the first of the year. Flu, strep, bronchitis, plus I had some terrible medicine interractions. It has been a trying a depressing month. But seeing the blessings of ordering books, groceries, etc., reminds me that I must always look for the blessings in each day. Thank you for that reminders. I pray God finds another way for your husband's chemo pills.

  2. Hi Darlene, Thanks so much for being so loyal to stop by. I really wondered if anyone would know that I had posted. I am so sorry that you have been sick. There has been a lot of flu in our area. I guess being at home most of the time, kinda helps us from coming in contact with it. We had the flu shot but they say that it is not effective with this years flu. It is always a guessing game when they are making the vaccine. Take care and I hope ya'll will be well soon. Love, Marie