Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flowers from the Past

Before my husband's MS became as bad as it is today, his joy was working in his garden and flowers. I wanted to share some novel ways he grew his flowers.

We were riding along a county road and I spied this bed. There was a sign that said to take it if you wanted it. I had my husband turn around and get it. He put it in the garden and each year I had my "flower bed". I used different flowers trying to make it look like a quilt. The picture to the left was planted with two different shades of pink petunias.

The bed to the right was done with yellow marigolds and purple ageratum.

The bed to the left was planted with red and white salvia, yellow marigolds, and purple ageratum.

Below are two different years of the rocker being decorated. I found this rocker in my grandaddy's garage

The chair to the right was also found in my granddaddy's garage. The woven bottom was already gone which left the hole for the planter.

I collect birdhouses. My husband painted an old ladder and placed some of my collection on the ladder along with some potted plants


  1. I love how cute everything looked. Especially the "flower bed" with the various flowers.

    My husband would never let me do that. I can get away with a tiny bit of whimsy. :)

  2. Oh I love these ideas! I keep looking for older but sturdy chairs at garage sales so I can put a few in my garden. Your ladder with flowers and the birdhouse is lovely too.

  3. Hi Marie ~ Thank you for sharing the special ways that you and your husband made your yard space look inviting and homey! It is so nice to put to use items that are just waiting for a home! Sunday blessings to you! Hugs ~ Teri

  4. HI Sweetie Pie! I love your flower "bed"! My husband does the same thing that you did with an old rocker but I think it is on it's last leg...or should I say rocker. Maybe it's off it's rocker????
    It has been a really busy and stressful few weeks at our house. We have added two new babies to our family, my son's and my brother's. We were gone for two Sundays from church due to traveling and a family reunion and last Sunday when we went back, we realize that Bible School started the next day!!!! We were not ready to teach the 2nd grade class!! We hurridly bought some things and decorated our room and finished as kids were arriving! (I had volunteered to take two meals to the two new moms on that day as well!! Luckily, my parents made the deliveries for me after I cooked the meals!)Whew!! The second night of Bible School is tonight.
    It's morning now and I already need a nap....
    Love You!

  5. Very pretty! I like how you changed the look each year.