Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dresses for girls in Haiti Orphanage...

I was surfing blogs shortly after the earthquake in Haiti and came across a blog that was requesting pillowcases or women to make pillowcase dresses. These dresses were to be made and would be taken to Haiti by people going there on mission trips. I mentioned it to my friend, Naydine, and before I knew it, her line dance group took up the cause. The dancers collected pillow cases and all the notions that it would take to make them. These ladies met at the local art center on Fridays and worked from early morning until around four in the afternoon. There was a community spirit from people offering them food on the days they sewed, money for notions they needed, and postage to mail the boxes of finished dresses. Between the Princess Project and New Directions International, they funished over three hundred dresses. Another church requested some for their mission work in Guatamala and they were given 122. The group is continuing to make dresses. There were cotton panties also donated to go with the dresses.
Above are pictures of some of the little girls as they received their dresses that a group from New Directions International took over a few weeks ago. Most of the little girls are holding their dresses up in front of them. Aren't they so cute with their dresses and snazzy glasses!!!!!!!!! There is also a picture of Naydine with some of the dresses.


  1. Marie ~ Welcome back...hope that you are much better! Thank you for sharing about the dresses for the little girls. Such a nice idea! Hugs ~ Teri

  2. How simply beautiful that these little angels are getting the very best present in the world along with their dresses. That is love!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Hi Marie,
    Welcome Back!! I have missed you. I love this idea. Are they making more? I could make 5 or so and send them. Let me know if they are needed! I'd like to be a part of something like this.
    Have a good day. I continue to pray for your health.

  4. That is so wonderful!!! What a gift they are giving those girls!!! :)

  5. I am happy to see you back! I hope you and your husband are doing better. Stories like this are very heartwarming. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. Wow....I have missed you! My daughter Jennie has been collecting gently used clothing for kids in Kenya. She plans to send them out shortly!
    I love the response in getting so many dresses to these dear children in Haiti!
    Praise the Lord! Isn't it incredible to be used of God??

  7. How sweet and generous to do that. Those girls loved those dresses and they looked so pretty in them.

    Thanks for helping with a good cause.

    Blessings, Maxine