Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Color-Coded Therapy

I wanted to share my husband's joy of working with his flowers. At the time of this newspaper article, we were married 33 years and this August made 48 years for us. I was in bed with my back for a year before I had my surgery. I was in so much pain and really did not want to live. One Saturday morning my husband went shopping and came back with flower boxes, dirt, and flowers and began to fix boxes around the deck. I thought to myself, why are you doing this because I probably will not be alive. As the flowers grew and he got me up into a chair in the den, the beauty that I was seeing through the kitchen bay window was unbelievable. His joy of growing the flowers for me made me want to make it. He has continued this ritual every year. Of course when he became unable to walk last year, he has not been able to do as many boxes and have as many flowers in the yard. He still gets on his scooter and goes out and waters and takes care of all he planted.


  1. That is so precious and thank you for sharing it! Aren't good hubbies just the best!

  2. That is so sweet! The Lord surely whispered in his ear what to do to help you overcome your back troubles.

    Congrats on getting some of those cute little pumpkins! I'm glad you were able to locate them and your friend was sweet to go pick them up for you.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Isn't it wonderful how the little acts of love mean so much.

    At my sickest, I had such a mindset that I wouldn't be alive for long. When you are really ill, sometimes Heaven seems much better than this life.

    I was just thanking God yesterday that he allowed me to live longer. Remembering when I was in the intensive care unit of the hospital and asking him at least for time to get Christopher through high school!

    Although Heaven still looks good. :)

  4. Marie, that is the sweetest post! What a nice way to honor your husband too, as he did such a precious thing for you! I love reading your posts, have a lovely day! Beth

  5. Aren't thoughtful hubbies a great thing to have.
    My hubby has done most of the gardening this year as I have also been down in the back.
    I think he has a much greener thumb than I do anyway.
    Have a blessed day

  6. Marie, this is such a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it. I am always blessed when I visit you. Have a nice day. Twyla

  7. What a wonderful thing, working with all of the flowers. They help cheer people up so much. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog and for your prayers. Everything went very well.


  8. You have one wonderful husband. His idea of planting a garden for you to see and enjoy was brilliant. How blessed you are to have each other.

  9. I love reading stories of the love a husband and wife have for each other after many years of marriage, and the way a husband will show his love for the "wife of his youth" is a very special that has proven itself over time, and more precious than gold.Thank-you for sharing this, and the flowers.

  10. awww...I love this story - so sweet!

  11. Him doing those flowers for you was a real gift of love, you have a wonderful husband!