Thursday, July 9, 2009

Me and the Squirrels

Well, the pinwheels I bought did not do the trick of keeping the squirrels from eating our tomatoes. My DH had said they were probably laughing at what that "crazy old lady" was doing. We had been watching our tomatoes grow and they were beautiful but evidently the squirrels were also keeping their eyes on them too. I went onto the screen porch and there sat a squirrel on top of the fence enjoying a meal of one of our prize tomatoes. Day before yesterday, a neighbor brought his trap over. He had caught 33 squirrels in his yard and took them on a trip out into the countryside. The squirrels continued to eat the tomatoes and not go into the trap. I took one of the tomatoes they had half eaten and placed it in the trap along with the bait of pecans. Would you believe, they went inside and got the tomato and took it back to the fence. The neighbor came and got the trap and worked on it and put more bait. I ate lunch today on the screen porch and watched a squirrel come running across the top of the fence and sit there and look down at the trap. It came down and smelled all around then climbed on top of the trap and tried to get the pecans. It was not able to get to them, so it came down and went around and around the outside for a good thirty minutes but would not go inside. It finally gave up and left. Well, I went into the kitchen to cook supper and thought I would check the trap and............there it was!!!!!!!!!!!! We finally had our tomato theif. The neighbor took that one on a trip and brought the trap back. Maybe now we will be able to get a few more tomatoes. What is the purpose of a squirrel anyway?????????????????

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  1. Good luck Marie. I've turned my backyard into a wildlife refuge or that's what it seems like. I hope your squirrel isn't like one of those cats or dogs that finds its way home.