Friday, July 24, 2009

Five Months from today..........

Will be Christmas Eve!
We have this tree up all year round in our living room. The truth of the matter is that my DH was still able to walk when this tree was put up. He spent so many hours putting the lights on it that he said if it ever came down it would never be put back up. This tree is decorated with angels, so he calls it our Angel Tree. I light it up a dreary days or to celebrate birthdays. Where has this year gone???


  1. Why does time go faster with each passing year? I feel like it was just Christmas. I was in the store and they were putting out the Halloween decorations and I just couldn't believe it. Your tree is very beautiful.

  2. Hi Marie! I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit and thank you for your sweet comment! I think we all should leave our trees up and save ourselves a lot of work every year!!! Your needle tatting is OUTSTANDING!!! I tried this a couple years ago and gave up; I do crochet and have made snowflakes mostly with the size 10 cotton I even did some filet crochet and cannot remember what happened to it!!!lol You've inspired me to make some new ones!! I love your knitting project also and have made a few baby projects from the "Simply Baby" book which was a pretty good one. I'll have to check out the google site you posted about (a few posts back!) NOW! before I sign off I MUST send you a BIG THANK YOU!!! You see I read your post on your life story and I must say you gave me a "blogland kick in the butt!!! I have been a fairly fortunate person in the last 53 years and lately have been having my own pity party off and on! FOR NO REAL REASON EITHER!! After reading how much you went through (and drying my eyes!) I will not pretend to imagine what pain you've suffered; since it's very hot and humid here and I came in from being toO hot your comment about the body cast and heat was the only thing I could come close to feeling! I want to thank you dear for posting your story because it made be realize yet again to "knock it off" and get over myself!!lol I admire your COURAGE AND SPUNK!!! I hope you will visit me again. Enjoy whatever needle project you might be working on now! And don't forget to post more of your beautiful tatting! My Best Wishes - Sincerely, Jeannette

  3. Hey Marie! Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a nice comment.
    Your Christmas tree is beautiful and from what I can see, so is the rest of your home. I have an appreciateion for many styles. If it's about home, I love it. My family is just very casual, so the primitve style suits us.
    I am adding you to my blog list and will visit you again. Please feel free to come visit me again.
    Oh, and I have a little home tour slideshow posted at the bottom of my blog, in case you missed that.
    I look forward to getting to know you. Have a great week!

  4. My daughters and I just loved looking at your Christmas tree! It is a beauty!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I am going to add you to my blog list so I can come back and read more.
    God bless

  6. I noticed from your comment that you visit a daughter in Tulsa. The town we live in is only 25 miles SE of Tulsa. The next time you come this way we'll have to try and meet up!!! It's such fun meeting bloggers.

  7. Good morning Marie:-)

    Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment. I'm so glad you did because it gave me a chance to come over to your blog and visit with you as well:-) I have read quite a few of your posts and you truly are an inspiration!! Your Christmas tree is beautiful and I don't blame you at all for leaving it up, I have a small silver tinsel one that I leave up in my computer/faerie room all year round:-) Please make sure you come visit me again, I've added you to my Bloglines! xoxo

  8. Hi Marie! Thanks for visiting! You have such a nice blog, and after visiting here for only a couple of minutes... I have gained much inspiration and admiration for you. Your tree is beautiful, and in my humble opinion, one can never have enough angels to watch over them. Bless you, and come back to visit sometime. I plan to return here as well :) -Tammy

  9. Oh dear oh dear....and I haven't really even STARTED my Christmas shopping yet!!!!
    I love your tree!!!!! Love the tatting as well!

  10. Marie as Beth said, "oh dear, oh dear". I have to fix dinner but will be back to visit your amazing blog.