Friday, June 28, 2013

A wonderful week with the family

We have just had a wonderful visit from our son, his wife, and our grandson from CA.  Our daughter and her teenage daughter also came from OK.  Before they came, my husband and I were riding around the countryside and saw a yard sale.  I saw the cutest little bike and asked him to please turn around and go back for me to see the bike.  Not to happy about doing this, but did it anyway, we pulled into the driveway and asked the man if he would bring the bike to the car (we are disabled and to get out we would have had to use wheelchairs).  The man was so kind and brought it for us to see and we asked the price--$3.00 and of course we said put it in the back of the van.  I then tried to make a decision between a bell or horn for the bike--I wanted the one that would irritate my son the most. Ha!  I decided on the horn and it cost twice what the bike cost.  Within an hour of them arriving, Noah had already enjoyed more than the cost of the bike and horn.  We even let him bring it in the house--probably would not have allowed one of our kids to do that, but he is a grandson.  I wanted to share this video with you and can imagine in a few years he will be flying down the ramp on a skateboard.

Then to add to the excitement of their visit, on the afternoon before they flew home the next morning, a bear came to visit and was in a tree in our back yard.  Now, mind you, we live within two blocks of downtown of our city.  This bear caused a lot of excitement but the wildlife person that came out said to leave it alone.  The last we heard, the bear was about 2 miles away on a golf course not far from the Haw River.  I sure hope it found it's way safely where it was trying to go.



  1. Great story about the bike!

    Super bear picture...hope they got him relocated somewhere safe.

  2. wow! that is quite the bear photo!!!

  3. I am still chortling about choosing the bell that might annoy the most! LOL! It is so FUN to be a grandparent! So glad you had this time with yours; I know how hard it is when they are so far away.

    Now, if I'd come across that bear while I was playing golf yesterday, I'd still be runnin'!! LOL!

    blessings ~ tanna

  4. Thanks for stopping in a leaving a comment on my blog. No, I don't know your cousin in Hendersonville. Your grandson looks like he is really enjoying that bike!