Saturday, August 20, 2011

Knitting with a prayer...

I have been busy this summer freezing corn, okra, and peaches. Being disabled, I have to do what I call "piddle" and then rest. I am proud of what I was able to get put away for the winter. Now, I have time to get to other things. Above is a prayer shawl for the ministry at our church. The thread is purchased and prayed over before it is delivered to me to knit or crochet into a shawl. I like this pattern because it is neat but easy to do.
You cast on 63 stitches and knit 10 rows. Then you do a row 1: knit3, purl 3, 2: knit the next row. Repeat these two rows until you have 10 rows. Then knit 10 rows again and them repeat the two rows of pattern. You end with knit 10 rows and add fringe. You will be able to see how the pattern forms.
I pray the shawl will bring comfort to whoever receives it. We are not told who gets it and they do not know who the knitter was.



  1. Love the prayer shawl. I make them, too, but I do not know how to knit so I have to use one of the frames you buy but they turn out nice and certainly serve a good purpose. I pray over them as I am doing them.

  2. How very wonderful. Such a good way to spend your time and energy doing something for someone else.

  3. Hello Marie...such a blessing you are to so many! So nice that you have been able to put up produce to enjoy later! Thank you for visiting my "little space"...and your kind words! Hugs ♥ Teri

  4. Wonderful ministry for both you and the person receiving your gift; blessing doubled, tripled even when you think of the people praying.

  5. That is beautiful! I have a friend who is going to teach me to knit when her canning season is over.

  6. Hi Marie,
    It sounds like you have been very productive this summer. How nice it will be when the winter winds blow and you will be enjoying fresh summer produce.
    Your prayer shawl is beautiful. It reminds me of one my mom received from her church. She was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's at the time and had to move away from her church. This was such a blessing to her at a difficult time in her life. I know the person who receives yours will be equally blessed.
    Thank you for your recent visit and kind comments. It is nice to meet you. I see you are also in NC. We are in the Charlotte area.

  7. Love the prayer shawl Marie....I seem to hear more and more about them. Yours is beautiful!! Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. Visitors always make my heart happy!!

  8. Hi Marie,
    I do prayer shawls too, for my church here in Texas. I pray over them as I'm knitting, then I have my pastor and other pray over it before it's given. But I've never seen this pattern, and I like it!! Something different from the Knit 3 Purl 3 that I've done for so long.
    So pretty!!

  9. Marie, what yarn, how many skeins, and what size needles did you use for this project? Would you, please e-mail the info to Thank you!