Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quilt made with love...

When our son was born, a fellow co-worker made a Sunbonnet Andy Quilt as a gift for him. This quilt became Jonathan's favorite thing and we didn't go anywhere without it. He dragged it around until there was nothing left but scraps. I decided that I wanted to make Jonathan's new baby a replica of that quilt and hope that he enjoys it as much as his dad did his. I found the pattern by a Google search. I appliqued the blocks and then it came to cutting the sashing and borders. I am not able to stand for very long at a time and cutting the sashing and borders became a problem for me. A wonderful lady, Lillian, who lives in a retirement village and teaches quilting, offered to do that part for me. Her husband also has MS so we had a lot in common. After she did that cutting for me, I put the blocks together and sandwiched the top, batting, and bottom together. I then quilted by stitch in the ditch and quilting around the little boy. For the border, I decided to download coloring book shapes of farm animals and quilted these shapes. I had chosen a striped material for the back of the quilt. To make the quilt look nice, I needed to cut the binding on the bias. My husband and I watched a You Tube over and over again to figure out how to cut the binding. We decided to try cutting it knowing that I could buy more material if needed. WOW! We did it in one try! I sewed the strips together and because I ha made the quilt all by hand, I thought the binding needed to be sewn on by machine. I called my new friend, Lillian, and she was more than happy to sew it on for me. She said it would take me a while to do it by hand. After she sewed the binding on, I whip stitched it to the back. I then designed a quilt label on the computer and ironed it onto fabric and slip stitched it to the back. When baby, Noah was born on June 16, I got the quilt into the mail to CA. When our son and daughter-in-law received the quilt, they called and were pleased by the surprise. Our son did not remember what his original quilt looked like because all he remembered was the scrap that was left.
Below are some pictures of Noah and his quilt.

Marie (Mawre)


  1. What a wonderful idea, Marie, and what a very special quilt! It turned out beautifully, and I am sure it will be treasured for many, many years to come.

  2. As you can tell by the pictures Noah loves his quilt and I am sure he will enjoy it for years to come. Thanks so much for bringing back this piece of my childhood. The time and effort you put into it are greatly appreciated.

    Love you,


  3. Hi Marie, how sweet of you to do that for the baby! I know it will be treasured for years to come. It turned out beautifully, love the colors. Take care. ~Cheryl

  4. What a very beautiful idea. So wonderful that you had help finishing the quilt, too.

  5. What a beautiful quilt! How neat that you were able to have help finishing it. Hope you have a super awesome 4th of July!

  6. oh my goodness! you are very talented... and i'm sure little noah will love that blanket to pieces! :)