Monday, January 3, 2011

Over the River and through the woods...

To Grandmother's house we go. Our daughter, her husband, and three children drove 2200 miles round trip from Oklahoma. Our son, his wife, and our granddaughter dog flew in from CA. A friend picked our son, wife, and dog up at the airport and brought them home. They arrived around 8:30 PM on Christmas Eve. Our daughter called and they were about 40 miles away. They had planned to go straight to the motel and come to our house the next day. We told them to come on and stop because we had plenty to eat. They came and there was a lot of chatter. Then, things got quiet. Our son handed me a gift to open and I said I was not to have a gift because we don't exchange gifts any more. He said it was something they all wanted me to have. I opened it up and it was a picture frame. I asked "What is it?". They all yelled "you are going to be a grandmother, again". The picture was the first ultrasound of the new baby. I started screaming and could hardly get my breath. I had prayed that I would live to see our son's first child. The baby is due in June. They had kept it a secret from us because they all wanted to see my reaction. I could not have been given a better gift than another grandchild to go with the three wonderful ones I already have. Our son and his wife had just adopted a dog from the shelter and I thought the dog was to be my grandchild at least from a while. Oh, by the way, my husband is thrilled about the news too.

To top everything off, we had our first white Christmas since 1947. It was absolutely beautiful! I am going to share some snow pictures with you. We also celebrated our 5oth wedding anniversary while they were here because they will all be in CA after the birth of the baby. My husband and I will not be able to travel to CA because of our health problems. Our kids and grand kids took us to a Chinese restaurant on Christmas Day to celebrate.

View out the den window

View from the front porch

front of house
Our granddaughter built a little snowman. It was too cold to be outside very long.
Below is Kona from CA in her first snow. She has on her new coat bought just for the trip.


  1. Congratulations on being a grandmother again! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family. The snow pictures are so pretty. We had a white Christmas last year for the first time in many years.

    Happy New Year,

  2. Congrats to you on being grandparents again.
    What a cute gift idea.
    Love the dog in his coat.
    We did not have a white christmas but we did get a New Years blizzard with 4 inches.

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming grandchild. We, too, are going to be blessed again. Our announcement came in the form of four ornaments for the tree, the last one marked baby % 4, September 2011. Isn't this such wonderful news!

  4. I felt very emotional when I read about your picture frame gift. Congratulations and Happy New Year.

  5. What a wonderful gift. I enjoyed your pictures.

  6. Congratulations Marie!!! What a beautiful blessing! :)

    Your house...with all the snow, looks beautiful!

  7. Hi Marie! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I think you have a very nice blog and I've enjoyed your photos. You have a beautifully decorated home! Congrats on the new grandbaby, too. I signed on to be a follower so I'm looking forward to getting to know you! Happy New Year to you, Cheryl

  8. Marie,

    What a sweet way for them to tell you about being Grandma again.....and to come all that way! Congratulations!

    Love your looks so cozy and snug there amongst that snow!

    Congratulations on your "almost" 50 years anniversary! My parents had theirs August of 2009!

    Thank you for your visit to my blog and the sweet commment!

    Blessings to you and your family for 2011!


  9. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of a new grandchild! What an exciting way to fine out. It brought tears to my eyes at how the whole family rejoiced with you and your excitement. Your house and christmas snow looks like something from a greeting card. May God Bless you and your family this upcoming new year!