Sunday, August 1, 2010

Backyard Scene

We had been having temperatures in the 90's with heat index up to 110 here in the South. Last week we finally had a few days of more comfortable days heat wize and with less humidity. I took advantage of this by having my lunch on our screen porch. I love it out there where I can enjoy our flowers and listen to the birds sing. As I was eating my lunch, I noticed the butterflies on our butteryfly bushes. They were really enjoying their lunch too. After lunch I went out to try to capture the beauty. Of course, as I was trying to take pictures, they would fly from flower to flower and be upside down or their beautiful wings turned away from me. I wish I had gotten a wing spread of the black butterfly--it was beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures that I was able to get.


  1. Your butterfly pictures are gorgeous!!! Hasn't this cool weather been wonderful? I have sure enjoyed it. Hope you have a great week. I sure enjoyed your beautiful pictures. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. How very pretty! My daughter Jennie has been taking pictures of some wonderful winged critters, too!

  3. Marie, Thanks for stopping by Gracious I love your idea of framing crocheted items. And, I am sure your daughter or daughter-in-law enjoyed the outfits you passed on to them. I did a bit of that as well. By the way, I enjoyed your butterflies.

  4. Hi Marie!
    Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I had to stop over and meet you too. :-) I love birds as well, we have a bunch of birdhouses in our front yard and one in the back. We have beautiful bluebirds that come and nest. Love your photos you posted today, butterflies are another of my favorites. So good to meet you, I'm becoming a follower to keep up with the latest! Have a very lovely evening.

  5. Those photos are just beautiful.
    We have been having the same type of weather here.
    It seems like the humidity this year is worst than any other summers.
    have a great day

  6. We just planted some butterfly bushes and are hoping they do well. We tried a few years ago and they died. Hopefully this spot is better.
    Love those butterflies!

  7. Hello Marie~ These butterfly photos are so lovely! Such wonderful reminders of God's creation all around us. I see "Painted Ladies" frequently in my own yard going to all the butterfly bushes.
    {{hugs}} ~Carolyne

  8. We just planted a butterfly bush this fall and hope it will survive the winter. We live in Michigan. I can't wait to see what butterflies it will attract next summer. Your pictures are so lovely!

    All your hand work is so beautiful!